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== Description ==

MP Spam Be Gone is the simplest, most effective Spam blocker without difficult CAPTCHA responses needed by the user. This plugin was inspired by some of the best Anti-Spam plugins available on WordPress.

Spam Free WordPress by Todd Lahman, LLC
Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin by Andy Bailey
Simple Trackback Validation with Topsy Blocker by Tobias Koelligan

This plugin has aspects from all of the above mentioned plugins to form the most complete and dead simple Anti Spam plugin on WordPress. This plugin doesn’t write anything to your database while preventing comment spam and trackback spam.

From Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin, I used the concept of having a checkbox display to the user in order to prevent automated Spam. To me this is the best way (and least intrusive) to completely prevent automated spam from ever even being written to the database in the spam que. It is physically impossible to get a false positive, since you either checked the button or not. The flaw with this plugin is that it does not work with Javascript disabled.

To combat that flaw, I use the copy and paste password fields from the Spam Free WordPress plugin. These fields are in a tag, and only appear if Javascript is disabled. Unlike, the Spam Free WordPress plugin, these passwords are generated on the fly and never stored in the database.

These plugins primarily stop comment spam. In order to stop trackback spam, I added the IP address check, URL check, and Topsy check functions from Simple Trackback Validation with Topsy Blocker. If a trackback is identified as spam because of the IP address or Topsy, it is deleted and never written to the database. If a trackback is identified as spam because of the URL, it is marked as spam and sent to the Spam que. The reason that these are not automatically deleted, is because it is possible that the referring page is using a shortlink and therefore the full URL would not appear on the page in the first place.

When combined, this plugin will stop all automated spam and trackbacks.

It is intended to replace the above plugins.

You can’t find a plugin simpler than this – set it and forget it. No options = no modifications to the database.

== Installation ==

1. Upload the `mp-spam-be-gone` directory to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Do I need to do anything after activating this plugin?
Absolutely not. Set it and forget it (and it will be easy to forget, when the spam stops).

The checkbox is not appearing on my comment form?
If Version 3.0 does not correct this problem, please check your theme templates. In the comments.php page, you should see a function – comment_form(). This function was added with WordPress 3.0 and is required for my plugin to hook into the comment form.

== Changelog ==

= 4.0 =
* Upgrade the honeypot fields to use two different methods of creating a honeypot
* Switched from check the box to uncheck the box to prove you are not a bot

= 3.0 =
* Switches from using jQuery to display the checkbox, to a pure javascript method for even faster performance.

= 2.0 =
* Fixed big with check box not appearing on comment form

= 1.0 =
* Initial Release

MikesPickz Web Solutions, Inc. is proud to provide WordPress Plugins and Themes to users at no cost. Any donations are greatly appreciated and will allow us to continue to develop into the future.


  1. Steve

    I have your plugin installed and it’s working fine in the Comment fields at the bottom of Pages and Blog posts. But it’s not appearing in my Contact Form page, which is where we are getting hit the most. Is there a piece of code to force it to appear on that page?

  2. Jim

    Hi, Mike, thanks, nice plug-in. It works fine in the Atahaulpa theme. Now I am trying to add a guestbook (wp-vipergb) and the check box does not show there. I have looked at the code and found the comment_form() function in _output_guestbook.php code, but suspect one of these lines is blocking your checkbox from diplaying:

    ID); ?>

    Any ideas? thanks!!


  3. I’m using WP 3.4.1 and Headway 2.0.13.

    After installing your plug-in, I do not see the checkbox. However, I don’t see the code you mentioned in the comments.php file.

    So…I’m out of luck, right?

    • Dru

      Go to Appearance > Editor and drop this code into your Comments.php file, at the location where you want the checkbox to appear.


  4. kai

    no checkbox 🙁
    comment_form() is there but the checkbox not… usind WP 3.0 and the YOKO theme… maybe there will be a fix some day? :-/

  5. Victor Onrust

    Hi, 3.0 works great, I have a number of questions/suggestions:
    Is it possible to have no check box if the commenter is already approved? Somehow WP keeps track because once I have approved the first comment further comments from the mailaddress don’t have to be moderated. As an option I can set would be nice.

    Can you make the texts (“Please check…”, errors) configurable as settings in the database. I have changed (translated) them now in the script, meaning that they will disappear when updating.

  6. Paula

    Is it possible we could change the wording/not have the text in caps? I know it’s a small thing – but there are some finicky designers I deal with…

  7. I tried this solution and it worked for me!!

    1. Save a backup copy of comments.php **IMPORTANT**

    2. Go to Appearance -> Editor. Edit comments.php

    3. Replace the and tags, and all the code between the and tags, with the following line of code:

    4. Click “Update File” to save changes.

    5. If the file gets messed up, use the backup comments.php code to restore everything.



    You may seem something like for the first form tag.

    Good luck

  8. Hello!
    Awesome plugin!
    But I have some things that could make it even better.
    With this simple option of “checking to prove I’m human” is great, but what about including extra protection?
    In the settings page, you could include an option to show (or hide) the “Spam free WordPress” plugin (I mean, include or not the password verification fields) with Javascript enabled. That would create double protection: a human check and a password verification field.
    Why this? I still receiving some spam. it might be manual spam, but adding extra protection would be awesome.

    If you have an answer to my suggestion PLEASE email me to the email I provided you in the “email” field.

  9. juju

    I had the same problem with the checkbox not showing and then tried Brad’s suggestion and the checkbox shows, BUT even if it’s checked and all the form details are filled in correctly it still says I haven’t checked the box.

    Any Ideas?

  10. Left this up for two days, zero comments because nobody is getting a checkbox, including me. Got to delete it. Dang, you didn’t check the box indicating you are human

  11. Hi Mike I’ve downloaded Version 2.o MP Spam Be Gone and the Please check to prove YOU ARE human box does not appear. I deactivated until this could be addressed so that I could receive comments. Thanks for your assistance,

  12. I am using the Thesis theme, and am not able to see the checkbox. I just downloaded the spam be gone for the first time, the version 2.0. Do you have any experience with your plug in and the thesis theme?

  13. I too am having the same problem with the missing checkbox. However, I have your v2.0 installed and am still having the problem. Any recommendations? Thanks.

  14. Sue

    Hi Mike,

    I have just installed version 2.0 of your plugin and I have the same problem that no checkbox appears so no comments can be made. It would be a great plugin if I could get it to work, just what I need.

    All the best,

  15. I notice a lot of folks are not getting the check box displayed. I had the same problem when I first installed the plug-in. I am using a child theme from the Rotary theme.

    I suspected the all-important function mp_spam_be_gone_insert_check() function was not being called because the Rotary them comments.php template has the comment form hard-coded.

    To test this theory, I hard-coded the function call inside comments.php as follows:

    And now the check box appears!

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Brad,

      Thank you for pointing this out. I am starting to believe that the issue with the checkbox does have to do with themes that have hard-coded comment forms. I am still looking into a solution, but thank you for taking the time to add your feedback.


  16. Hi Mike,
    I have version 2.0 running on my Flexsite Default theme (by Portfoliositez) and the checkbox is not appearing. Any suggestions?

  17. I have the same check-box problem that everyone here has mentioned. According to my site, I have the 2.0 version already and yet am still having this problem. Any word on what to do?


  18. This plugin worked perfectly from the moment it was installed. Firefox and IE – no problem, even before version 2.0. Thank you so very much.

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Miles,

      Glad you you find the plugin useful! Thanks for the comment.


  19. Hi Mike,

    In installed MP Spam tonight because I was being flooded with spam comments and we can only turn off so many IP addresses without affecting subscribers. But like Andrea’s experience there is no check box when I went to see a test comment area via I.E. I am using Atahualpa 3.5.3.


    • Just to add, I tried to leave a comment using IE and Firefox and in each case it gives me an error message saying I didn’t check the check box to prove I was a human, but there is no check box appearing, so I will deactivate the plugin until i hear from you. Looks like it’s a sweet system but for whatever reason the checkbox doesn’t want to appear on the page. My theme may be overriding it. Laura

      • MikesPickzWS

        Hello Laura,

        I have just submitted version 2.0 to WordPress. This update should correct the issue with the Checkbox not appearing in the comment form.

        Thanks for trying MP Spam Be Gone!


    • MikesPickzWS

      I have just submitted version 2.0 to WordPress. This update should correct the issue with the Checkbox not appearing in the comment form. Please give this version a shot.

      Thanks for trying MP Spam Be Gone!


  20. Me too.

    I uploaded and activated the plugin on a WP 3.1 Multisite set up with the Gonzo Daily 1.4 by Milen Petrinski template and I have no check box either.


    • MikesPickzWS

      Version 2.0 addresses the check box not appearing problem.

      Thank you for using MP Spam Be Gone!


  21. Hello. I installed this plugging but I don’t see any settings. I use safari 5 latest and mac osx lion and wordpress 3.3 and use the twentyten theme. What do I need to do to see what I need to set?


    • MikesPickzWS

      I have just submitted Version 2.0 to correct the check box problem. Please give it a chance.



  22. Hello there! It sounds like a great plugin. However, I get the same problem as Andrea A, above – no check box.

    Are there any solution available yet?

    BTW, thanks for all your efforts!

    • MikesPickzWS

      Sorry for the delay. Version 2.0 addresses the problem.

      Thanks for trying MP Spam Be Gone!


  23. Chris K

    I am using the theme: Clean Home 1.2.0-wpcom by Mid Mo Design, but I don’t see the check box.

    But, if you try to post a comment it will still ask you to check the box.

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Chris,

      I’ve just uploaded Version 2.0 to address the check box problem.

      Thank you for trying MP Spam Be Gone!


  24. Same thing here… No check box appears… Trying to post generates “Internal Server Error.”

    “Black Car” by Themes Junction
    w/current WP upgrade

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Steve,

      Version 2.0 addresses the issue with the check box. As for the Internal Server error, I’m not sure that was the plugin’s problem since the plugin only runs when the page is viewed, not posted.

      Sorry for the delay in the fix,


  25. miguelcortereal

    Your plugin seems to be great, I’m having pings and trackbacks spam on a daily basis and since yesterday after installed the plugin, spam also seems to be gone.

    But with the plugin installation my google plus buttons are gone also from the site.

    I’ve tried to deactivate the plugin and buttons are back.

    My guess is Google buttons and plugin are conflicting in the Javascript. As you read this you may be thinking, they conflict on your site not on mine. Yes I’ve noticed you have buttons +1 and plugin working.

    I’ve placed the java script at the header.php file template, the code for the button is next to Twitter button which isn’t having any issue and after the line of code that places the post (content).

    Is there any other good place to put the code of google buttons +1 ?
    Or any better idea ?

    Drop me a mail if you want to go deep, I really want to use this plugin, you did it wisely.

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Miguel,

      Thank you for trying MP Spam Be Gone! Sorry for the delay in replying to your issue.

      I have the plugin and Google Plus button appearing together by placing the Google Javascript code in the footer of my site. It also optimizes load time by have Javascript in the footer.

      Shameless plug – I also developed the MP Share Center to display the social buttons as you see on this site. If you want to give that plugin a try as well.

      Feel free to comment back here or send me an email mike [at] mikespickzws [dot] com if you want to discuss this further.

      Thank you again,


  26. I just activated MP Spam today, but there is no checkbox in the comment field. I do get the error message when I submit the form, but I cannot find the checkbox.

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Andrea,

      Can you let me know which Theme you are using and I will look into the issue further. Thanks for giving the plugin a try.


        • bj

          I installed this plugin on the twenty-ten theme and it didn’t show the checkbox. I tried it on every theme I’ve designed and it didn’t show the checkbox. This plugin should work regardless of the theme used. 🙂

          • MikesPickzWS

            Version 2.0 addresses the check box issue. I hope this helps and you continue to use MP Spam Be Gone!


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