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== Description ==

The MP Share Center allows you to easily add share buttons to your posts and pages.

The plugin will add Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, LinkedIn Share, Pinterest Pin, Pocket and email buttons or boxes, above or below the front page/post/page/archive/search pages if you enable these options.

For the Facebook Like Button, the plugin will automatically take the first image from a post and use that as the thumbnail.

This plugin loads Javascript in the footer, which improves page load (by allowing content to appear first) and therefore benefits SEO and search engine ranking.

You can display the MP Share Center on any page type with the use of the shortcode [mp_share_center]. The shortcode defaults to use the buttons format. To choose the boxes format, simply add the type='boxes' parameter, ie: [mp_share_center type='boxes']. If you want to insert the call to action via the shortcode, use [mp_share_center type='cta']. Which social networks the shortcode displays is controlled on the MP Share Center Settings page.

== Installation ==

1. Upload mp-share-center directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Head to the MP Share Center Options page by clicking Settings and configure the plugin

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Can I choose only one Social Network?
Yes, you can. As of version 2.0, you can select to display only the social networks that you want to display.

Can I change the font of the Call to Action?
Yes, as of version 3.1 you can change the font of the Call to Action. As of version 5.0, you can use any Google Font for the Call to Action.

The Pinterest button only selects the first image in the post, can I change this?
Unfortunately, the Pinterest button is different from the Bookmarklet. With the button, the image that is being pinned must be defined, as opposed to the bookmarklet which allows you to choose from any image on the page. For now, the only option is to grab the first image from the post. A future update, may contain the ability to allow you to select a specific image to pin from the post menu.

What about other Social Networks?
The more Social Networks included, the more Javascript needed to run the plugin. Right now, five of the most important social buttons for driving traffic to your site are included in order to optimize speed and share. As the popularity of social networks rise and fall, the plugin will be adjusted.

Where do I find the ID of my post/page?
You can find the post ID by looking at the Address bar when editing a post or page. You will see something like wp-admin/post.php?post=128&action=edit. The post id in this case is “128”

== Screenshots ==

MP Share Center 2.0 Admin Options Screenshot

== Changelog ==

= 5.1 =
* Fixes Facebook display issue
* Fixes LinkedIn display issue
* Fixes Blank email button

= 5.0 =
* Allows the choice of any Google Font for the Call to Action
* Adds Pocket button. Easily allow users to save your webpage to their Pocket account.
* Adds Email button. Adds option to share your URL via email.
* Removes Google+ from sharing options as Google plans to shut-down the service in April 2019
* Removes StumbleUpon from sharing options as StumbleUpon was shutdown during 2018

= 4.0 =
* Adds the ability to exclude specific posts/pages from displaying the buttons.

= 3.6 =
* Fixes Pinterest image not appearing after clicking the button

= 3.5 =
* Adds Pinterest Pin button/box support

= 3.4 =
* Fixes issue where Twitter username wasn’t displayed after the tweet when using the shortcode

= 3.3 =
* Adds [mp_share_center type='cta'] shortcode to use the Call to Action on any page type

= 3.2 =
* Allows you to choose whether to use shortlinks or full links with the Tweet button

= 3.1 =
* Allows you to change the font of the Call to Action
* Fixed Google Plus bug

= 3.0 =
* Adds [mp_share_center] shortcode for use on any page type
* Fixed LinkedIn share bug

= 2.3 =
* Hides the buttons from the RSS feed since they don’t layout/function properly without Javascript

= 2.2 =
* Fixed issue with icons/boxes appearing before Social Buttons

= 2.1 =
* Adds a unique CSS class to the clear fix divs to enable them to be turned off if necessary

= 2.0 =
* Added ability to select specific social networks, as opposed to being forced to use all five.
* Added ability to select which type of buttons to display above and below the post.
* Switched from XBML Facebook Like button to iFrame version to better support IE browsers.

= 1.2 =
* Fixed bug with Google Plus not using correct Permalink when displayed on the home page.
* Fixes stray word Tweet from appearing in RSS feed and image only front pages.

= 1.1 =
* Added CSS IDs to each social button and box for easier user customization.
* Moved inline CSS styles to the “ section for quicker rendering
* Fixed bug with StumbleUpon not using correct Permalink when displayed on home page
* Clarifies difference between ‘Front Page’ and ‘Main Blog Page’

= 1.0 =
* Initial Release

MikesPickz Web Solutions, Inc. is proud to provide WordPress Plugins and Themes to users at no cost. Any donations are greatly appreciated and will allow us to continue to develop into the future.


  1. Hi Mike! Great plugin!
    On the next release would you please consider changing:


    on line 271 of mp-share-center.php
    so that the markup will validate?

  2. Mike – I have a specialized social share site that I want to insert the code for (

    I don’t see this having a lot of value for your other users, but it’s must-have high value for this site.

    If you can point me in the right direction, I probably can put it into the code…and second, it would be great if the ability to add a custom button was a feature in the plugin in the future… 🙂

    • Mike

      Hello Erica,

      On the MP Share Center options, which page-types do you have selected to show the plugin? Also, do you utilize custom post types on your website? Feel free to email me more details if necessary.. Mike [at]

      Thanks for using the MP Share Center,


  3. Hi, I have uploaded this plugin to & configured the settings but nothing is showing at all. Why would this be?

    • Mike

      Hello Becky,

      The most common reason that the plugin doesn’t show up is because both sections under the questiuon “Where should the MP Share Center be located?” are not filled in. For instance, if you only want the buttons below the post, you still have to select “None” for which buttons you want to appear above the post.

      Hope this helps,


  4. Suggestion:

    Hi Mike, this is a suggestion for future release.
    May be interesting can to hide MP share Center directly from post/page. with a checbos or with a custom field, instead to go each time that we can hide it, to settings page.


  5. Hey

    There are issues with the Facebook like button. When i went test it, the button clicked but it never went to another screen like other buttons when clicked nor did anything come up on my personal FB page.

    What Can be done to fix this?


  6. Is there a snippet of code I could use to remove the share buttons from one specific page but leave it present on all the others?

    Thanks – I love your plugin!

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Makenzie,

      I will be releasing another version this week that will have this feature added to the settings page.

      Thank you for the feedback,


  7. Great! a simple an useful plugin. Congratulations.

    Sugestion for new releases:
    – Add the option that exlude pages or posts by ID. Sometimes you don’t want to share a page or post.

  8. Tracey

    my gallery stopped working since installing this, even after deactivating the java is still on page which i think is causing the issue with the gallery

  9. Ana

    The tweet button tweets the title of the blog and not the post. Is there any way to change this?

  10. Mike – have you had any issues with the Pinterest buttons? On the install at, the user can push the button, it pops the pinterest window, choose the board and submit — but then nothing shows up at pinterest.

    Thanks for your assist.


    • I am having the same problem with the Pintrest button – It shows up but is not linking to the site? Thank you for your help and for the fabulous buttons! 🙂

    • Pam

      I’m having the same problem with the Pinterest button–it pops out when clicked, provides a box to fill in, but doesn’t pick up a photo and adds nothing on Pinterest. Since Pinterest is a huge source of traffic for me, it’s a pretty big problem.

      • MikesPickzWS

        Hello all,

        Verison 3.6 of the MP Share Center was just released. This version was tested with WordPress 3.4 and it includes an update to the Pinterest button. The Pin It button, should work now.

        Thanks for using the MP Share Center,


  11. Hi,

    Thanks for a good plugin.

    When clicking like it almost always picks the wrong image to go with the like-post on Facebook. I checked the source of a given article to see that the rel-link is correct, and still it picks out some other picture shown on the page.

    Any clues as to what could cause this?

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Ken,

      Thanks for using the MP Share Center, Pinterest will be added within a week.


    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Skip,

      Thank you for the comment. I will be adding Pinterest as an option sometime in this upcoming week.

      Thanks for using the MP Share Center!


  12. Great plugin, shortcode is very very handy.

    But, I think there’s a little bug in the current version. On iPhone and iPad the google+ share button isn’t working. It’s not even visible.

  13. Renate

    Thanks for your plugin!

    Is there a shortcode? Or other way to add the buttons manually?

    This is a huge requirement for me as most posts are custom post types. Also, I would like to decide where to place the buttons in my own theme.


    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Renate,

      Yes there is a shortcode and a way to add the buttons manually through the theme. I received your email and replied with detailed instructions.


  14. Mike,

    I really like the plug-in. It has a really good look and functions well.

    I do have two questions:

    This is what it looks like when you hit the tweet button on one of my posts.

    “The Bryan Project via @BryanWeller”

    1) Why can’t I get it to say the name of the post. It just says the name of the blog, but I want the post name there.

    2) This may not be related to the plug-in specifically, but I hope you know the answer. The tweet has my proper twitter handle on the end. A good chunk of people have tweeted my posts, but I have never once seen a mention from this on my twitter account. Do you know why that would happen? I can’t believe that all these people are deleting my name while they are recommending my posts.

    Thanks in advance!

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Bryan,

      Thank you for trying the MP Share Center.

      To address your questions:

      1. This is an issue that I am currently working on. The problem only occurs on the home page. If the button is on the single post page, the button gets the name of the post. The reason is because the Tweet button takes the content of the title tag for the tweet. I hope to have an update soon for this.

      2. This is an interesting problem. I’m pretty sure it is not related to my plugin, and I’m not really sure why this would happen. It is possible that private twitter accounts wouldn’t show the mention on your account, and possible some people delete your name, but I wouldn’t think this would account for every tweet. If I come across a better explanation, I will be sure to let you know.



      • I think this may be happening to us as well. The twitter button will have some number like 12. But when we do searches on twitter, we can only see like 6. Of course we search every which way.

        • MikesPickzWS

          Hello Frank,

          Actually, the Twitter button count not matching the search results is an issue with the Twitter Search. The Twitter search API indicates: “At the moment that index includes between 6-9 days of Tweets.” Which means that tweets older than 6-9 might not appear in the search results, but they are still counted by the button. Hope this helps,


  15. sharon

    Hi, All of the buttons I choose (facebook like, twitter, google) show up fine on the site, however when someone retweets, the retweet only shows the title and URL info, no content from the post itself, so it makes for a confusing tweet.

    Austin Wine Merchant | HearHere

    (which is: Title of post | title of blog | link to post

    Is there a way that a retweet can include content from the actual post rather than the URL? There was a feature on that would allow the same post to go out as:
    Austin Wine Merchant: Meet Drew Bledsoe, Proprietor (Yes, that Drew Bledsoe! The former…(shortURLlink)

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Sharon,

      I will definitely look into adding this feature in the near future. Thank you for using the MP Share Center!


    • MikesPickzWS

      As of right now, you can’t with this plugin. This is due to the fact that the buttons require Javascript to work properly, and you can’t get Javascript to load in an RSS feed.

      A non-Javascript version is being considered to be added in a future update.

  16. I couldn’t get the buttons to show up at all anywhere. Clearing the caches didn’t help. Then I noticed that the “Above Post” section didn’t have any radio buttons checked (I want them below the post). After I clicked on “None” and cleared the caches, it started working.

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Carlos,

      Yes, the plugin needs to have an answer for both Above the Post and Below the Post to work properly.

      Glad your issue was resolved. Thanks for the comment.


  17. Hey. Mike. Thanks for your free plugin 🙂

    Mike. I need your help.
    I checked only post (checkbox), but it doesn’t show MP icons. When i check on Page, all the pages have MP share icon, but on post, it doesn’t show anything on my posts.

    I reviewed to fix Footer.php, but my footer.php has properly.

    Next what should I do to fix it?
    any comment??

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Kabkee,

      Do you have a link that I can take a look at your site to see if I can see what the error is? Thanks for trying the MP Share Center!


  18. This is an amazing plugin! Thanks so much for creating it.
    I’m running into an issue with the retweet button on posts (it’s fine on pages).

    The tweet it generates on posts reads:
    Blog Title link via @myname

    It should read like the pages:
    Blog post title Blog name link via@myname

    Please help. I’ve been pulling my hairs out trying to see if it’s something caused by code in my template. The Tweetmeme button was working correctly before I removed it.

    Thanks for your help.

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Dave,

      I’ve located the issue after looking at your site. The issue is with the homepage only. If you view a post on the single page, the tweet will be correct. The reason is because the plugin uses the current page’s information to generate the tweet – therefore on the homepage only the blog name shows up. I working on an update that will address this issue. Thank you for using the MP Share Center!!


    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Chaim,

      Unfortunately, there is no easy way to move the buttons to be centered right now. The best way to do it is by editing your theme’s files. If you want the icons on the pages (page.php), if you want them on the posts (single.php). What you need to do is wrap the plugin output in a div that centers it.

      On the php statements, there should not be a space between < and ?. The above code would center the Call to Action and the Icons on the page if there were 5 Social networks selected. If you only display 4, reduce the width to 400, etc.

      I am working on an updated version that will create an option to display the icons left or centered. I hope to have that soon.


  19. Mike, I have a theme on my site that puts an author bio at the bottom of each post. Terrific.

    But it apparently calls the single.php CSS .singlepost that is also referenced somewhere in the plugin, so I end up with the MP-Share-Center plugin promo being repeated in the author bio right after it was at the end of the single post.

    Is there a way you can give just a simple <php call for me to insert it into my template where I want it to appear and control this?

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Skip,

      To fix your problem, simply uncheck showing the plugin on the Post pages from the Plugin Options page, and insert this in the template file, where you want the MP Share Center buttons to appear. If you want the boxes to appear, use .

      Please let me know if this solves your problem, and thank you for using the MP Share Center,


        • MikesPickzWS

          Hello Skip,

          You know, I realized that the Call to Action was never called when using the Shortcode. I’ve released Version 3.3, which allows you to use the Call to Action with a shortcode, simply use where you want the Call to Action to display – please note this should be in addition to the code I gave you in my previous comment.

          Hope this makes sense,


      • By the way, for anyone else’s benefit that is grabbing the PHP hook above, note that there’s an extra space after the opening “<" and before the "?", make sure you pull that out… 🙂

        • MikesPickzWS

          Thank you for pointing this out. I should have mentioned it in my comment. The code tag automatically adds that space, and it should be removed.

  20. Hi Mike! Thanks for a great plugin. I would really like to have the share buttons not show on a particular page. Would it be possible to achieve this via the “! is_page()” conditional tag?

    If so, could you instruct me on where to place the code? Or by any other means?

    Thanks and much appreciated !

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Sebastian,

      Sorry for the delay. Your comment was marked as spam for some weird reason. The shortcode [ mp_share_center] gives you complete control on which pages you place the buttons. If you don’t select which page-types to display the icons (the first step on the Setting page), you can use the shortcode to place it on which ever specific page you want, and leave it off on the ones you don’t.

      I think this answers your question, if not please let me know.

      Thanks for using the MP Share Center!


  21. Pedro

    my blog displays 10 post per page.
    i use shortcode in each post [mp_share_center] but only can see the share icons when someone visit the single.php page of each post.

    i which to have on the main page the share icons for each post so visitor can immediately share the post?

    is it possible to do it with this plugin?


    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Pedro,

      Yes, to display the icons on the home page, simply check the option to display icons on the “Front Page.” This will display the icons of you choosing for each post on the home page, while the shortcode will display the icons on the single.php page.

      Hope this helps,


  22. Wilson Tee

    Hi Mike,

    I have the same issue with the +1 button. I changed the link from $long_link to $li_link on line 318 and 338 of the mp-share-center.php file and it fixed the problem. I guess it doesn’t like the encoded URL.


    • MikesPickzWS

      Thank you Wilson.

      I’ve switched Google Plus to the decoded URL in Version 3.1.

      I appreciate the feedback and the help.


  23. Hi Mike,

    I’m having some problems with the +1 button on my posts. I have your plugin up to date and hadn’t happen before. If you click it, it seems to work correctly, but after aprox. 2 seconds it turns red, and indicates an error.

    I would really appreciate if you could solve this.

    Thank you again for your awesome plugin!


    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Victor,

      Thanks for using the MP Share Center, I’m glad you enjoy it!

      I hopefully solved this problem with Version 3.1.

      Let me know if this works for you,


  24. jhb

    Thanks a lot for your time and work!
    It used to work, but now Google plus button does not work at all, how come ?

    Do you have any idea?!

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello jhb,

      I am glad to provide this plugin and support free of charge! I’m glad you find it useful.

      Version 3.1 should fix the Google Plus issue.


  25. Adam

    I can only get the Facebook and LinkedIn boxes to show not the others. I’ve checked all the things mentioned above to no avail. However if I turn off the automatic insertion and use the short code it works fine.

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Adam,

      That is interesting. If you send me a link to your site, I will look into this problem further. Both methods should be inserting the same code in the footer.

      I am glad the short code is working at least.


  26. Hi – thanks for the plugin. I tried a few until I found this one. Exactly what I was looking for. The only thing that I would like to see is the font for the Share Center Call to Action text to match the fonts used on my website. Any clues how I could achieve this?

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Jason,

      Sorry for the delay, my SPAM filter has been blocking good comments recently.

      I have added the ability to change the Call to Action text in the newest version 3.1.

      Please let me know if this solution works for you.


  27. Hi!
    Thaks for this plugin. It’s great.

    But I have some problems: the only button I can see in my blog is FACEBOOK. Twitter and Google + does NOT appear.

    Thank you.

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Victor,

      I apologize for the delay, for some reason my SPAM filter has been acting up and almost all of my comments recently have been marked as SPAM.

      I found out that the reason on Facebook is showing up is because that one is an iFrame, while Twitter and Google Plus need to have a Javascript file loaded in the footer.

      Your theme is missing the wp_footer call in the footer. This call allows plugins to add content to the footer of your site (ie: the Javascript files needed).

      To fix:
      1. Open the footer.php file
      2. Locate the tag (very last line)
      3. Add this line immediately BEFORE the tag. The comment adds a space between the < and ? at the beginning of the tag, please remove the space in your code.
      4. Save and upload to your server

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hi Craig,

      The share buttons will appear on all posts on your site regardless of when they were published. If you utilize a cache plugin, you may want to refresh the cache.

      Thanks for using the MP Share Center!

      • Now that it’s installed, it’s not showing up anywhere on the site, no matter which one or more of the 5 page-types I check. I am clearing cache at all times.

  28. Love the plug-in but LinkedIn’s VIEW ARTICLE link that is sent via email opens a blank page. Both on my site and yours. I’m using Chrome as a browser.

    • MikesPickzWS

      Thank you for pointing this out. I had noticed this as well and it is fixed in version 3.0.


  29. Jon

    i have ssl set up for my whole site and i would to use this plugin but it seems to break my ssl any way to fix this to work with ssl

    • MikesPickzWS

      It most likely has to do to with the fact that the Javascript being called for the plugins is not coming from a SSL site and therefore it is causing a mixed content error.

      Unfortunately, not all the social plugins support HTTPS (Twitter, mainly –> Since, I’ve already committed Version 3.0 an update won’t be included in that, but I will look into it for Version 3.1.

  30. Karl

    Hey there, lovely plugin – but I also have the issue of Google + button not showing up. Any thoughts? My website is the same as the domain in my email.

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Karl,

      Thank you for using the MP Share Center. Can you please let me know what theme you are using on your site (either via comment or email (mike (at)



  31. E

    I have a few plug-ins that create custom page types and thus, your plug-in wont show up in those pages.

    Um…can I get a short-code? Please? Pretty please? (lol)

    • MikesPickzWS

      Sure thing. I will start to develop a shortcode for the next release.

      • E

        Thanks a lot. There are like 30 similar plug-ins out there and trust me, I’ve tried them all. I found yours to be the best combination of simplicity and flexibility while still having the options that make it powerful. On top of it…you actually answer your messages (which few do anymore!). A short code for this would take your plug-in, which I already believe to be the best in the category and set it well past the rest…!

        Thanks, sir…

        • MikesPickzWS

          Thank you E! I’m glad that found my plugin useful. Simple and flexible was the exact goal of the MP Share Center when I first decided to create it.

          Version 3.0 is scheduled to be released around 9am EST on 8/16 (today). This plugin allows you to use a shortcode to display the MP Share Center.

          Please contact me if you have any other concerns.


  32. I love this plug in! But I just switched themes and for some reason, the old theme showed all five buttons, and the new one only two!

    The settings are still the same, so I’m puzzled.

    ALSO, on this new theme the share buttons are only showing on pages and not posts. Weird.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Sheila,

      The problem is that your theme is missing a very important WordPress function in the footer.php file. I’ve contacted the theme creator informing them of this omission as well. To fix this,

      1. Open the footer.php file
      2. Locate the tag (very last line)
      3. Add this line immediately BEFORE the tag. The comment adds a space between the < and ? at the beginning of the tag, please remove the space in your code.
      4. Save and upload to your server

      The wp_footer call allows plugins to hook into your theme's footer and add things (such as the code for the buttons that are missing).

      Hope this helps,


  33. Hi Mike,
    I was originally having the problem where the word Tweet was showing up in my RSS feeds. After a reinstall, now I have little black boxes appearing to the left of the buttons? Any idea how to fix that?



    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Kristi,

      I’ve just uploaded version 2.2 that will correct this issue. Please let me know if it does the trick for you.



      • Hi Mike,

        Thanks for this useful plugin. I’m having a similar problem, where the buttons appear with the icons of lists. I have this problem since upgrading to 2.2. I don’t know what could happen since this is one of the issues this update was intended to solve.

        Can you help me, please?



        • MikesPickzWS

          Hello Victor,

          I apologize for an oversight that I made. When I released the update, I didn’t account for people who have custom images being used as bullet points.

          In your style-Blue.css file, please add this line .mp-share-buttons li, .mp-share-boxes li {list-style: none !important;} and the problem will be fixed.

          This will be included in the next version as well.

          Thank you for pointing this out.

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Megan,

      I’ve checked out your site in Firefox and IE 9, and the Google Plus button is showing and appears to be working. Can you let me know what browser you are using, or if the problem has been fixed?

      Thank you,


  34. THe +1 Buton doesn’t appear on my site. Doctype is right. Maybe you can look over and help me?
    Using Firefox 5&7 & IE9.

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Pandur2000,

      Google Plus wasn’t showing up for me either. I did some research into the problem and there is a known problem with the Google Plus One button and old versions of Prototype.js. Your theme is loading an old copy of Prototype.js (version 1.5). The only fix is to replace this file with the newest version (1.7).

      To do this:

      1. Head to

      2. Copy all of the text (make sure you get it all)

      3. On your server find the file protoype.js which is located in wp-content/themes/WP-Binary-Blue-v142/js/

      4. Delete all the text in that file and replace it with the text you copied in step 1.

      I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you have anymore issues.


      • THanx! Thats it! I googled myself cause other Plugins didn’t work, too, but i could not find anything about that prototype.js. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!!

        By the way: Maybe you try anything other then Paypal. I dont want to use it anymore.. But i would like to donate a bit 🙂

        • MikesPickzWS

          No problem, feel free to contact me if you ever have any other problems.

          Thank you for the donation consideration. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find another reputable site to process donations. If it helps, you don’t actually have to use a PayPal account to make a donation. A one-time credit card donation with no account can be processed.

  35. Hi Mike,

    Thanks indeed for this wonderful plugin. I had been wondering how all those people managed to put all that stuff on their blog. It was all just a click away!

    At my blog ( the icons overlap after clicking the Facebook-Like button. Is there a way to fix this?

    And Brandon: I had the same problem you have. It turned out to work just fine once I selected ‘None’ at ‘Above Post’ (I just want them below the posts). As long as you don’t specify you choice in both places, the buttons won’t appear on your site. Maybe this will work for you as well?

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Patricia,

      Thank you for using the MP Share Center, I’m glad you enjoy it.

      I visited your site and liked a page, and the icons didn’t move for me. If it is possible could you let me know what browser you were using and maybe send me a screen shot of the problem (Mike (at)

      Thank you for the feedback,


      P.S. – You are absolutely right, you need to specify above/below in both places. I am working on fixing that if a user forgets just one place.

  36. HI.

    Since upgrading to version 2.0, the links no longer work. I have selected to display below post with vertical boxes and checked all of the social icons I wish to display. Any ideas?


    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Ashley,

      It looks like your problem is related to the W3 Total Cache plugin that you are using. All the buttons appear perfectly for me. You may simply have to clear your cache files for it them to appear to users that have visited your site in the past.

      Hope this helps,


      P.S. – Very nice site

      • Hi Mike

        Thanks for the reply.

        The problem was I am a complete numpty! I hadn’t selected the option of None in display above post. I tried to delete my reply but it must have been awaiting moderation.

        Cheers for a great plugin!

  37. I’ve got your plug in activated on my site but I’m having a hell of a time getting it to show up. As far as I can tell I’ve done whats required to get it set up but I must be missing something. I have gone through all the comments above and tried to get it working based on your responses to past comments but still haven’t figured it out! Any help is greatly appreciated!


    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Kyle,

      In version 2.0 of the plugin, you have to specify your choice of display for both above and below the posts. The buttons don’t always display if both options aren’t selected.

      As of the time of this reply, the buttons were appearing below your posts in both Firefox and IE 9. If you are having a problem with a different browser please let me know.

  38. Mike, I was wondering what could cause the links not to show up. I assume it’s the configuration I’m using but I’ve tried different setups with the buttons.

    I use a page for my HOME page and clicked to have the buttons show up on home and on pages. I tried to use the TRANSITIONAL doctype like you told someone previously but that did not work either. I’m using the Piano Black Theme. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Brandon,

      Thank you for using the MP Share Center. The buttons might have a problem with the local set-up which may be causing the buttons to not properly gathering the page URLs. Is there any chance you could test a sample page in a live environment and check if that works?

      Hope this is a good starting point,


  39. Valerie

    Hi Mike, thanks so much for this awesome plugin. I just have two questions. I’d like to use the plugin below the posts but I want to use the style you’ve made for the above-posts function. Meaning I want the smaller thinner icons you have set to work for above posts, but I want those below. Is that possible? Also, I want to get rid of linked in as our readers don’t use that. Is that possible? Thanks so much again!

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hello Valerie,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback. Version 2.0 is in development scheduled for release tomorrow (7/26) and both of those features are going to be included. Please let me know if the new version satisfies both of your requests.

      Thank you,


  40. Wilson Tee

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the great plugin. I noticed that the Linkedin button isn’t working and after researching a bit online, it’s the URL encoding issue. I modified your script a bit to get it working finally. Hopefully you could fix it on your next release. I’ve emailed you the codes.


    • MikesPickzWS

      Hi Nelson,

      The problem you are having is related to the doctype that you are using on your website. The facebook and google generated code (from their end, not the plugin) is not validating under the srict doctype. To fix this problem:

      1. Open the header.php file from your current theme
      2. Find this line (should be the first line on the page):
      3. Replace it with the XHTML Transitional doctype –>

      OR the HTML 5 doctype –>
      4. Save the file and upload it to the server

      Everything should work now and since you are moving from a stricter doctype to a less strict one, nothing in your site will break as a result.

      • My plugin isnt displaying the facebook or twitter icons, but is displaying teh others. I have made sure the header is correct as per your instructions … any ideas?

        • MikesPickzWS

          Hello Allison,

          Thank you for contacting me. I checked out your site and all the buttons loaded properly for me in Firefox and IE 9. Can you let me know which browser you are using and I will look into the problem?

          Thank you!

          • MikesPickzWS

            Thank you for getting back to me. After upgrading to version 2.0, you need to head back to the Plugin settings and reconfigure the plugin due to the new features that were added. Select which page types the buttons should show up on, which buttons to use, and which button style to use and save. Also, I noticed that you are using WP-Super-Cache – you may need to empty the cache for the buttons to appear again. If there are still display problems, do not hesitate to contact me again. I will work to make sure everything is working for you.

  41. Hi Mike,
    Love this streamlined plugin, however it’s adding the word ‘tweet’ before all the featured content pictures in the header on home page. Can you check your code to see where this might be? Theme from Press75 – Roundabout, in case you need that.
    PS not running any other plugins.

    • MikesPickzWS

      Hi Deb,

      I’m glad you like the plugin. I noticed the problem on your site. I am uploading version 1.2 now which will correct this issue. Please let me know if the update does the trick.



  42. Do:
    Para o:
    Tradução do português para inglês

    The plugin works well in the post page (single) and the pages. However the link on the home button and the link is the main page, not the post link.
    For example:
    Look at the buttons on the post title with “Magic e Correios – Cuidados na Postagem”

    Now look at the button “+1” in the same post:

    If you examine the source code of the home, is returning the wrong link the buttons.

    I would be grateful if the issue was resolved quickly.
    It is a great plugin!


    • MikesPickzWS

      Hi Alex,

      Thank you for using the MP Share Center. I looked through my code and I have isolated the problem. I am uploading version 1.2 now that should fix this problem. Please let me know if the update corrects the issue.

      Thank you,


      • The link to the facebook has been fixed. But the link to google + still points to the main page and not the post (the button on the home).

        In the pas internal pages (“single post”) the buttons work perfectly.

        You can check the code the same links that have gone before.

        Thank you for your dedication!

        • MikesPickzWS

          Hello Alex,

          Version 2.0 of the MP Share Center is scheduled to be release tomorrow (7/26) which should correct that issue once and for all, in addition to adding several other features. I’ve noticed that you have tried out a different plugin on your site. Feel free to try out version 2.0 again, if not I’m sorry the plugin didn’t meet your needs, but thank you for the feedback.



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