MikesPickz Web Solutions, Inc. fixes your web problems, big or small.

Common Problems:

My company doesn’t have a website.

Solution: MikesPickz can secure your domain name, host your website and design the perfect site to meet your needs. We use the strongest coding practices to create websites that looks good no matter what type of computer you are using. We cross check all of our designs with major browsers on both the Windows and Mac operating systems.

We are well versed in a variety of coding languages (HTML, (X)HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery) which enables us to develop a website to meet almost any need.

Every MikesPickz website is designed with search engines in mind. You can be sure that all major search engines will have no trouble accessing and indexing your content.

We want to add a blog to our website.

Solution: No problem here. MikesPickz specializes in setting-up and customizing WordPress blogs.

My website is outdated.

Solution: At MikesPickz, we understand that the internet is moving fast. What you may have thought was the perfect website a few years ago, now seems ancient. Don’t worry, you are in good hands with us. We will ensure that your website gets a fresh look without ruining your reputation.

We do not have a presence in the Social Media world

Solution: In today’s day and age, everyone should have some presence in Social Media. It is a tremendous way to interact with others and build relationships. MikesPickz can create and even maintain your social media profiles.